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Companies face increased demands on their IT operations in today’s business environment, characterized by constant and accelerated change. Our company offers IT Staff Augmentation services to meet the demand for software development professionals and help organizations stay ahead of the competition.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Through the IT Staff Augmentation service, our company implements a business strategy that involves increasing our clients’ technology payroll by hiring qualified personnel that we provide. This way, we cover specific development lifecycle functions and support your company’s existing staff. Our goal is to improve the overall effectiveness of your organization’s IT operations, either by adding specialized IT expertise or by supplementing existing resources.

Our service addresses various challenges, such as shortages of specialized personnel, meeting project deadlines, adapting to changing business demands, and handling multiple projects. By leveraging our developers, project managers, analysts, and testers, your company can become more assertive and achieve the IT goals of the organization, increasing its competitiveness and staying ahead in a constantly evolving IT landscape.

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IT Staff Augmentation Features

Quality improvement

By partnering with us, you can access high-quality IT talent and resources on demand that may not be available internally or are not required permanently.

Access to industry-specific expertise

We provide access to IT professionals with specific industry expertise, enabling us to address complex challenges and take advantage of new technology trends.

Increased innovation

By leveraging external talent and resources specialized in software development, we help foster a culture of innovation and drive new ideas and solutions.

Access to IT expertise

We provide access to a wide range of technology skills and expertise, allowing you to improve your software development business operation and achieve your goals more efficiently. Our professionals have experience in different cloud computing technologies such as Azure or AWS; in programming languages such as Java, C Sharp, PHP, and Javascript, among others; We use different frameworks such as Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, among others; NoSQL and relational databases such as DynamoDB, Mongo, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, among others.

Improved project management

We help improve project management by providing access to additional resources and expertise and reducing the risk of delays or failures in your projects.

Integration with your existing software development team

With IT Staff Augmentation, we easily integrate with your company's IT team, enabling seamless collaboration and communication.

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IT Staff Augmentation benefits

1. Geographic proximity and same time zone
Most of our professionals are in Latin America, allowing us to serve all North American time zones. In addition, our strategic location allows for face-to-face meetings, if the client prefers, versus other countries that offer Staff Augmentation, such as India and Pakistan.

2. Better vendor management
We help your organization manage and centralize multiple IT resources while ensuring an excellent cost-benefit ratio for your investments.

3. 24/7 Professional Recruitment
Our continuous recruitment process allows our clients to access software development professionals around the clock.

4. Save time
With our company, you do not have to have a permanent recruitment team; we take care of the recruitment, selection, hiring, and payroll of the person.

5. Bilingual professionals
With our professionals, you will have fluid, continuous, and transparent communication in follow-up meetings with developers or other bilingual profiles.

6. Easy adaptation to the client’s corporate culture and processes
Our professionals are quickly integrated into your company’s team processes and actively participate. Rapid adaptation is a product of continuous experience with different organizations and projects of all sizes.

7. Dedicated resources
Our assigned resources focus on project-specific tasks with clearly defined roles. Example: Tester to control the quality of the application. This way, each resource will work exclusively on your company’s work while completing the project or contract.

8. Payroll centralization
With us, you do not need to pay each professional individually. Save time by making a single payment to us for your entire IT Staff Augmentation team and simplify administrative and financial procedures.

9. Scalability
Increase or reduce the number of software development professionals in your company’s operation without compromising your projects’ quality or delivery times. With us, you can hire as many professionals as your operation demands.

10. Redundancy
You will not have to worry about absenteeism due to disabilities, vacations, or leaves of absence of our employees. We always work to cover these situations and generate the most negligible impact on the operation of our clients. 

11. Rotation
Unlike other services such as Bodyshopping. Professionals in the Staff Augmentation service are part of our company’s payroll with full-time contracts. This way, we guarantee stability and reduce staff turnover simultaneously.

12. Standardized processes and procedures
Our professionals are highly competent professionals who perform their work based on standards and procedures dictated by the client.

13. Dispute resolution
Disputes about our professionals are resolved directly with us. We will always mediate differences, ensuring the utmost impartiality for those involved.

14. Continuous education
We constantly work to improve the competencies of our software development professionals through constant training in their technical and soft skills.

15. Low response time
Our dedicated teams or professionals are available during the working day, agreed with the client, versus other contract models where the supplier responds according to their time availability.

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Why is it necessary to implement IT Staff Augmentation?

Companies should use IT Staff Augmentation with us for several reasons

Lack of experience

By leveraging the expertise of qualified IT professionals, we help companies fill critical skills gaps within their IT workforce and improve the quality of their technology products or services.

Business growth

With IT Staff Augmentation, we quickly and easily expand your IT workforce to support your business growth without making a long-term commitment to new hires.

Access to top talent

With IT Staff Augmentation, we offer companies access to leading IT talent worldwide, enabling them to bring in experts with the specialized skills they need to meet their specific business demands

Skilled Shortage

With IT Staff Augmentation, we quickly onboard qualified IT professionals to address staffing shortages in your IT departments.

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What do other companies say about IT Staff Augmentation?

Companies worldwide need expert IT support, from advice to hands-on help. A Deloitte study found that organizations can take up to 94 days to hire for IT positions. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly half of the companies say they need the digital skills they require. Executives increasingly turn to Staff Augmentation models to identify IT resources, add them to their teams, and get more.

Adding external staff means entrusting critical systems to someone other than your technology team. Implementing best practices and complying with market regulations can be challenging, but adding staff can strengthen your competencies to overcome these challenges.

When adding members to your IT team through Staff Augmentation, we will act as an extension of your team. We do not operate independently as outsourced vendors but integrate with your development team. This means that as a vendor, we can track project progress, advise and respond with agility to changing priorities. By communicating with us, you will ensure that your IT teams are resized, internal management time is reduced, and results are optimized.

Common misconceptions regarding IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation is more cost-effective in the long run, allowing companies to pay only for the IT resources they need when they need them. Without worrying about heavy human resources or administrative teams to manage a growing payroll.

It is commonly misconceived that IT Staff Augmentation is only helpful for short-term staffing needs. However, this service can cover various staffing needs, from short-term, ongoing projects to permanent staffing needs.

This statement is invalid, as it can benefit companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

This statement is invalid, as it can benefit companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

Although IT Staff Augmentation can apply to foreign countries, it can also include working with IT professionals from the same country where the client is located.

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